Pre-orders for Microsoft’s HoloLens open in China, launch date announced

Brad Stephenson

Microsoft's HoloLens

Microsoft announced today that their augmented reality headset, HoloLens, would be launching in China and that interested industry parties and developers would be able to pre-order units beginning today from the Microsoft flagship store.

“Microsoft HoloLens launched a new vision of mixed reality,” Microsoft’s head and chief executive of the Greater China Region, Alain Crozier (known as Ke Ruijie domestically), said in a statement. “Chinese businesses and developers have great passion and energy for technology innovation and the area of augmented reality is a very promising market. We have high hopes for Microsoft HoloLens entering the Chinese market and expect it to help more Chinese companies, partners, and developers by inspiring, opening minds, and creating new opportunities in the real world.”

The Chinese HoloLens unites designed for businesses are currently priced at 39,188 Yuan while the developer model is slightly cheaper at 23,488 Yuan. The HoloLens is not currently available to the average Chinese consumer.