Pre-ordered Xbox One S consoles are being shipped already, ready for delivery Aug 2nd

Kellogg Brengel

Xbox One S

Just a little less than two months after being officially unveiled at E3, the Xbox One S finally launches tomorrow. Microsoft is celebrating with select launch events for the new slimmed down Xbox One, and Microsoft has confirmed that the new console will be generally available on shelves starting tomorrow.

Reports have also been surfacing of Xbox One S shipping notifications for pre-ordered consoles. Fan site XboxOneUK says pre-order customers are receiving confirmations from Microsoft that their consoles are shipped and will be arriving on time. So if you pre-ordered Microsoft’s latest console well in advance, you should be able to rest assured that it is on its way and will be delivered on schedule, but check your inboxes for a shipping notification. You can also sign into your Microsoft account and view recent orders to find out your shipping status.

Microsoft’s latest console, the Xbox One S, is a 40% smaller refresh of the current generation. In addition to being as capable of the original Xbox One, the Xbox One S is able to play 4K resolution video and High Dynamic Range imaging. It also doesn’t need a bulky power brick, unlike the original Xbox One. And there are options to get it with up to a 2TB HDD for storing a ton of games.

So if you are interested in picking up Microsoft’s latest console but didn’t place a pre-order, you can grab one in stores starting tomorrow, depending of course on availability.