PowerToys for Windows 10 gets several bug fixes with latest update

Rabia Noureen

PowerToys for Windows 10

Microsoft has released a new version of PowerToys for Windows 10 with a couple of improvements and bug fixes. The version 0.18.12 of the app specifically addresses a few glitches that affected PowerToys Run, the new search tool similar to macOS’ Spotlight feature that was introduced in the version 0.18 last month,

Microsoft stated that you need to reset PowerToys Run’s app data to apply some of the bug fixes. To do this, head over to the PowerToys Run folder on your PC “%localappdata%/Microsoft/PowerToys/PowerToys Run”, and then delete all the content of this folder.


Here’s the full list of improvements and fixes in PowerToys version 0.18.2:

  • #3223 – [Launcher, Tracker] doesn’t find some apps (file explorer, windows terminal,…)
  • #3180 – PowerToys run shows Notepad en Notepad++ twice
    • This is partially fixed, will be fully fixed in 0.19
  • #3599 – Does not find Evernote
  • #3532 – No camera in run
  • #3215 – When PowerToys is running as administrator, everything Run launches is also ran as administrator
  • #3646 – PowerToys Run shows no files or folders when running in admin mode

Microsoft brought back PowerToys last year to give power users new tools to be more productive on a Windows 10 PC, and team working on it has been iterating pretty fast so far.  For anyone interested in learning more about the latest version, we invite you to check out the official GitHub page.