PowerToys for Windows 10 gets memory leak fix and more with latest update

Rabia Noureen

PowerToys for Windows 10

It’s been almost a week since Microsoft released PowerToys version 0.19, but today the company is following up with the version 0.19.1 is out. The focus of this release is to deliver a few critical fixes to improve the overall stability of the app.

The incremental patch specifically aims to address existing issues affecting the FancyZones and PowerToys Run tools, and it brings some usability improvements to ensure easier navigation through the search suggestions.

Here’s the full list of improvements and fixes in PowerToys version 0.19.1:

  • #4578 – WinKey for PT Run throws a lot of false positives
  • #4646 – FancyZones: When “Hold Shfit key” is deactivated, Shift key should deactive FancyZones
  • #4625 – [Run] Search text not updating on up/down navigation
  • #4432 – Mitigated the race condition in os detection
  • #2047 – Memory leak in PT Run
  • #4647 – Fix remapped shortcuts not getting activated in succession

Besides the aforementioned issues, Microsoft has also acknowledged another bug that is currently preventing users from opening PowerToys Settings when it’s minimized in the taskbar. The company has promised to address this issue in the full PowerToys v0.20.0 release.

If you are interested, you can download the latest version from the GitHub releases page, and feel free to check out our previous post about PowerToys v0.19 to learn more about the latest version.