PowerToys for Windows 10 get minor improvements and bug fixes

Staff Writer

It’s been a week since Microsoft released PowerToys v0.16 with 4 exciting utilities that are already favorites here at OnMSFT, and the company is following up this week with PowerToys v0.16.1 with some improvements and bug fixes including enabling new features to be turned on by default for upgrades. For anyone who tried the recently released utilities, all the new features were disabled by default and it seems Microsoft is continuing to listen to their users and improve the user experience.

This patch release includes the following fixes:

  • New utilities are turned on by default for upgrades – (#1878)
  • Correct localization bug – (#1795)
  • RDP bug in FancyZones – (#1821)
  • Focus bug in Window Walker – (#1800)
  • Added telem to actually know if Window Walker was enabled (#1925)
  • Make user aware of dual MSIX and MSI install issue, partial solution (#1920)
  • fixed FancyZone crash with Unity (#1873)

To see the latest features of PowerToys, check out our hands-on review of PowerToys recently released utilities. You can also check out PowerToys GitHub page for an overview and installation instructions.