PowerToys FancyZone to get improved multi-monitor support on Windows 10

Rabia Noureen

Microsoft’s PowerToys is about to receive a new update that should improve its FancyZones utility. In PowerToys v0.27, the company is introducing an enhanced multi-monitor support, which resolves one of its few outstanding issues.

PowerToys is a collection of handy tools to help power users get more out of Windows 10. It includes utilities such as FancyZones, which helps to set up preconfigured windows on their Windows 10 PCs. While FancyZones already supports seamless multi-monitor snap capability, but there’s a catch.

Right now, users need to launch the utility’s editor configuration screen on the appropriate monitor for setup, but this should change soon. Clint Rutkas, Program manager lead on PowerToys, confirmed that one of the new additions in PowerToys 0.27 is a redesigned UI that directly builds it into the editor, making it easier to customize each specific monitor on Windows 10.

At this point, there’s no ETA as to when the upcoming version will go live, but we will keep an eye on the GitHub release page to let you know as soon as PowerToys v0.27 is available for users.