PowerToys is getting the ability to copy text from an image

Arif Bacchus


There’s yet another new feature in the works for Microsoft’s PowerToys app on Windows. This time around, it is PowerOCR, which is a new tool that will let you copy text from any image you have open in Windows (via Neowin.)

The mention of the PowerOCR tool was first spotted on a Pull Request for PowerToys on GitHub. There, Windows app developer Joe Finney initially entered the request, detailing how this tool will work. It’s also been tagged as validated and in manual testing.

And yes, if you’ve used Text Grab before, then the way PowerOCR works should be familiar! Just highlight a region of your screen, and Windows automatically will copy the text over to your clipboard. This is all powered by the Windows OCR API, which captures the text from the image and pastes it to your keyboard. Check it out in the GIF below.

This PowerOCR tool is still in the early testing stage, and it might be a while until it gets fully integrated into PowerToys. There are still a lot of tests to be done such as right-clicking image and capture cursor to keep within each monitor. But, in the meantime, if you want to enjoy an app that has this feature, check out Text Grab from Joe Finney!

Text Grab
Text Grab
Developer: JoeFinApps
Price: $9.99