PowerPoint Live is now generally available

Dave W. Shanahan

PowerPoint Live is now generally available. Earlier this year, Microsoft announced new AI-enabled experiences for Powerpoint, Word, and Excel. This latest announcement comes directly from Microsoft in a post on the Microsoft 365 blog. Here’s a video look at how Live Presentations work in PowerPoint works.

Now, when giving a PowerPoint Live presentation, presenters can keep their audience engaged by allowing them to access your presentation on whatever device they are using. PowerPoint Live also allows the audience to look through your PowerPoint slides at their own pace without the need to interrupt your presentation.

In addition to all these capabilities, Microsoft uses the power of artificial intelligence (AI), so that your audience can access your presentation using their own preferred settings on their device, including live subtitles in their preferred language and assist any audience members with hearing disabilities.

After the PowerPoint Live session, audience members can provide feedback to the presenter, with an optional survey provided by Microsoft Forms to help the presenter improve their presentation skills. In addition, PowerPoint Presenter Coach for Android is now generally available, allowing you to get feedback and coaching on how to best deliver your own upcoming presentation using your mobile Android device.