PowerBI Embedded to reduce cost of powerful reporting, public preview free until May 1, 2016

Kellogg Brengel

Microsoft’s Power BI is a powerful analytics tool for companies to track their data with rich visualizations and glean meaningful insights into their business. And at Build 2016 today, Microsoft announced a new way for companies to bring this data to life with Power BI Embedded. This new version of Power BI will allow you to embed your Power BI interactive visuals in your app with REST APIs and the Power BI SDK.

Microsoft also announced Power BI Embedded is available for free as a public preview until May 1, 2016. After that point it will revert to its normal pricing, which will be a scaled pricing model based on how much you actually use the service instead of set upfront cost. To learn more about how you can use Power BI Embedded in your company’s application, head over to the Azure website for Power BI here.

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