Power BI Groups will be built into Microsoft Teams too

Kit McDonald

The announcement for Microsoft Teams last week brought a lot of interest from businesses curious about how the new product would help their teams collaborate. Some already use Power BI Groups as a tool to share dashboards and information as a whole. But they don’t have to worry about all of their previously created group content going to waste by switching to Microsoft Teams. As announced today by the Microsoft Power BI Blog, the Power BI Groups will be available as an integration into Microsoft Teams.

Admins of Power BI groups will be able to add a tab for their already created dashboards and workspaces upon creating a Microsoft Team. It will automatically integrate all of your reports in Power Bi and make them available for use through Teams. This means that users will be able to link reports and share them through Microsoft Teams without needing to open more applications.

We’re excited to learn more about how Teams will be improved in the upcoming months. As of now, it appears the product is shaping up to be the one-stop shop hub for everything an organization could need for team collaboration.