Post-apocalyptic disaster-management game ‘Sheltered’ arrives on Windows 10

Mark Coppock


The Windows Store has been doing fairly well in its first year, and that’s likely at least partly due to the ever-increasing influx of quality gaming titles. Windows 10 is an increasingly popular gaming platform, and Microsoft wants to keep us up to date on all sorts of games coming to Windows 10, be they high-end FPS or casual. Today, the Microsoft news crew took a minute to let us know about a new title hitting the Windows Store, Sheltered.

Sheltered on Windows 10.

Here’s the skinny on the newest member of the Windows Store gaming library:

In the pixel art landscape of “Sheltered,” now available on Windows 10, you’ll learn that family comes first. This post-apocalypse disaster-management game brings together elements of claustrophobia, radiation, mental exhaustion and other dangers as you try to turn a cold, cramped shelter into a home.

Your family of four depends on you to keep the shelter running and them safe, because outside of it is a dangerous, desolate wasteland where you scavenge for vital supplies. You’ll find abandoned towns, roaming factions and feral beasts. Your decisions mean the difference between the family’s survival or extinction.

You can grab Sheltered for $14.99 today by hitting the link below. Give us a shout in the comments with your opinion.

Price: $14.99