Possible new Xbox One controllers leaked on Swedish website

Brad Stephenson

Copper Shadow and Dusk Shadow Xbox One Controllers

Two new first-party Xbox One controllers could be on the way according to a listing on MediaMarkt, a Swedish multimedia product site.

There is no pricing or release date information on the listings but some Reddit users appear to have discovered some images of the new controllers as well as their names; Copper Shadow and Dusk Shadow. Both appear to be very similar to last year’s Lunar White Xbox One controller which featured a textured back and the same four color dots inside the XYAB buttons.

An official announcement hasn’t been made yet and these could be fan-edited images of controllers that will never be made but it’s also extremely likely that Microsoft wouldn’t stop with newly colored Xbox One controllers after making the Lunar White one, especially when considering how popular variant controllers and consoles are with fans.

Earlier today, a new Xbox One controller inspired by Marvels’ Captain America: Civil War movie was revealed on GameStop’s website. While not made directly by Microsoft, the controller is still officially licenced. Do you enjoy specially designed Xbox One controllers and consoles? Let us know in the comments below.