Pollapalooza: A bunch of polls about today's Windows 10 devices event

Sean Michael

Pollapalooza!! We have a ton of polls today because of the major event. There are mind blowing devices to study and details to digest. Today is more than a home run for Microsoft, it’s a grand slam. Surface Book, Surface Pro 4, Lumia 950 XL, Lumia 950, Lumia 550, HoloLens. These devices bring features we’ve never seen and hardware innovations that would make an orchard of apples jealous. So today we have a special treat, a load of polls. We’ll split them into categories and you can tell us about it. Join us for the WinBeta Podcast this week to swoon like school children over the hardware Microsoft announced today.
First up is the Surface, with the Surface Pro 4 and the surprise of the day the Surface Book there’s stiff competition in house let alone against other OEMs.
 Next up is phones. The Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL have high end specs, crisp finish, and were used to show off Continuum. Microsoft had so many big name devices that they basically announced the Lumia 550 under their breath but it was announced nonetheless.

There were even more devices announced and even though they don’t line up well against each other poll wise since they’re in different categories, we’ll have them face each other anyway. The next Microsoft Band shined, the latest Surface Type Cover looks gorgeous and has a fingerprint scanner (and works with the Surface Pro 3 as well), and both the Surface dock and Continuum dock look like natural companions to their respective devices.

Though mostly a hardware event, Microsoft also covered some gaming news. They talked about the new Xbox One experience, a slate of coming Xbox One games, Xbox One backwards compatibility to play Xbox 360 games, and mixed reality gaming that allows you to play games anywhere and hold holograms (really, that’s a thing now).

Today will take more than a day to digest and the media and fans will spend weeks if not months reviewing and analyzing these new devices. There were some other announcements today