Poll: Which feature should arrive next in Windows 10

Sean Michael

Windows 10 Feedback for Aero and login screen

This week we got a new Windows 10 Build. With it came color customization to title bars. This was likely a result of repeated and highly upvoted feedback through the Windows Feedback app and other channels. The top three bits of feedback in the Personalization and Ease of Access section were about title bar colors and that wish has been granted. Now it’s time to vote on and discuss what we want next. In this week’s poll we’re voting on what we want to see next in Windows 10. Make sure you head over to the Windows Feedback app to let Microsoft know as well.
We already know about some features and changes that are coming up such as extensions to Microsoft Edge. This poll is more about things we see feedback givers requesting that haven’t been announced. Some users are quite passionate about these requests. Shouts of “AERO is LIFE” and “NO AERO NO PEACE” echo through the feedback app. People also clamor for dark theme in just about every category. The requests for login screen customization seem more level headed but it is a highly requested feature.
The last option, shape writing, is near and dear to my heart as a regular Windows tablet user. We have an article dedicated to the topic, though at the time I wrongly referred to it as WordFlow which is now part of Windows 10, and it would make typing on tablets significantly easier. Microsoft even already has the technology since it’s within their phone operating system.

All of these are worth having as options and would make people happy but we want to know which one is most important to you. Let us know through the poll and explain your reasoning in the comments below. Check in to the WinBeta Podcast to hear us discuss the results and which features we’d like to see in Windows 10.