Poll: What features are you most looking forward to in the Windows 9 (Threshold) Preview?

Zac Bowden

Windows Threshold

It’s Threshold month! We’re less than a month away from an official announcement from Microsoft regarding the next version of Windows, currently codenamed Threshold and rumored to be called Windows 9. Over the past few months, many sources have uncovered new features coming in the next iteration of Windows, but what has you most excited?

If you’ve forgotten or unaware of the potential features coming in the Windows Threshold Preview (also known as the Windows Technical Preview for Enterprise), then let us remind you. In the preview, you can expect to see a Start Menu, windowed Modern UI apps, Virtaul Desktops, the removal of the Charms Bar, and maybe Cortana (depending on whether she’s ready).

With all that considered, what features are you most excited for? We understand that the Start Menu is one of Windows 8.x users most requested feature, along with windowed apps. We want to know what you personally are excited most for, could it be Cortana? Virtual Desktops? Let us know.

Do remember that the preview won’t be representative of the final product, things like improved UI and even more cool features won’t be included in the preview upon initial launch.