Poll: Are you and your friends running Windows 10?

Sean Michael

Windows 10 Sign Logo NYC

The Bug Bash for the Windows 10 Anniversary update is under way and with that means we’re in the final stretch to that update being signed off. We’re eleven months in since the launch of Windows 10 and there’s only one month left of the free upgrade offer. This week’s poll is a straightforward two parter, are you running Windows 10 and are most people you know running it?

Windows 10 has well over 300 million users at this point and seems to be gaining traction but the free upgrade offer ending may affect the uptick of upgrades. Personally, I really like Windows 10. I can’t imagine going back to Windows 8 or 8.1 and I like Windows 10 more than Windows 7 for a variety of reasons. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t people who want to stay on older systems for a while.

For example, enterprises and workplaces often choose to wait to upgrade. Same goes with some people who have complicated networks with admin controls. Other people just plain like an older operating system more. Another factor is that some people dislike change. Whatever the reason, other versions of Windows are still popular.

The podcast is on a break for now so we won’t discuss the results in an episode but I’ll be in the comments over the next few days and am really curious who is running what. Please share this week’s poll around with your less tech centric friends so we can get broader results.