Poll: When, if ever, will Windows 10 hit 1 billion installations?

Sean Michael

At last week’s Windows 10 Devices event, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 has officially hit 110 million installations. That’s a very solid start given that the operating system only became available to the public on July 29th. That being said, Microsoft has stated that their goal for Windows 10 is for it to reach 1 billion devices. This week’s poll is about how long that will take or if it will happen at all.
It’s important to note that Windows 10 works across multiple types of devices, and Microsoft will likely include everything from PCs, tablets, and phones to IoT devices in their counts. That may seem a bit unfair since many will compare Windows 10 install numbers to other popular operating systems that are only on one or two form factors but since Windows 10 shares a large amount of its inner workings across all of its versions, it does make sense to combine them.

Let us know what you think by voting in the poll and commenting below. You can hear us discus the results by listening to the WinBeta Podcast this week.