Poll: Are you a Windows creator?

Kip Kniskern

Windows 10 Creators Update

In just a few short months, Microsoft will be releasing its second major Windows 10 update, the Creators Update. Backed by improved inking support, a Surface line of hardware built for creators, and lots and lots of touch support, Windows 10 could soon become the operating system of choice for creative types.

But many of us use Windows for a wide variety of reasons, even if we’re not creators, or if our creations don’t lean toward the visual.

So what do you use Windows for? Are you a creator, excited for the changes coming with the Creators Update? Are you a PC gamer, or a student, or an information worker? Are you a developer, using the latest tools from Visual Studio?

Or, like millions of others, do you just surf the web, looking for cute cat pictures and checking out Twitter and Facebook, or maybe you’re All of the Above?

Take our poll (and yes you can choose multiple answers), and let us know:

Let us know what you’re using Windows for, and tell us your stories in the comments.