Play The Escapists 2 Special Edition right now on Xbox One

Michael Cottuli

Looking for a new strategy game? Something a little different than the usual run-n-gun, hack-n-slash action? The Escapists 2: Special Edition is now available on Xbox One, giving you all access to a pretty solid strategy sandbox game on your favorite console. The special edition includes the base game, the season pass, and the “Wicked Ward” add-on. In other words, it gives you about as complete of an experience as you can get.

The Escapists is a pretty storied franchise of games at this point, having built up a dedicated following after the first game’s release. Now, after being a relatively successful series on consoles, the creators at Team 17 are enjoying a thriving franchise across all platforms. If you’re interested in picking up the special edition, it’ll run you about 30 dollars.