Pint-size chanteuses Chloe and Halle surprise Microsoft shoppers at the Mall of America in Minnesota

Sean Cameron

Microsoft Store

There are few traditions that unite quite like the Christmas Carol, uniting people with song is something that is as rewarding as it is pleasurable for all involved. Microsoft, with a little help from Chloe and Halle (the winners of Radio Disney’s The Next BIG Thing 2012), took it upon themselves to make shopping a little more entertaining in one of their stores at the Mall of America.

With a modern twist, accompanied by an entire cast of dancers, the two pint-size singers proved to be popular with the shoppers, those who weren’t recording the event on their smartphones were bouncing and clapping along happily, clearly getting into the spirit of things. For one moment, the Mall of America, in Bloomington, Minnesota, became a bit more than another run of the mill, ten-a-penny attraction. Whether we will see more efforts in this vein from Microsoft is yet to be seen, what is clear is that, for the brand, a little more cheer, rather than attack advertisements, should be their modus operandi.

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