Picture: Metrofied Microsoft Hotmail UI Concept

Zac Bowden

With the recent leakage of the new Microsoft Hotmail user-interface, we got to see our first glimpse at what Hotmail will look like in a few months. Unfortunately, the screenshot had Hotmail at a rather long distance, so we can’t see details. We’ve created a concept that mirrors what we think Hotmail will look like!


Bigger Image

We’ve concentrated on keeping the “unified” coloured bar across the top of the page, since it has been rumoured that all new Microsoft services will include this bar and a colour that represents the service. Hotmail is green according to the original screenshot. We’ve tried to keep the page clean by removing useless links and advertisements and hiding things under menus.

Remember, this is just a concept and does not resemble the final product when it’s launched… In fact it could look amazingly different before launch.