The Xbox team just got some help from HoloLens executive Kudo Tsunoda

Kareem Anderson

Phil Spence just got some help from Kudo Tsundoa

As part of the continued restructuring of Microsoft, teams are coming together, management being shared and projects sharing resources; today that trend is making it’s way to Microsoft’s gaming endeavors.

The Xbox team just bolstered their roster today. In an announcement, the team over at Xbox shared the news that Kudo Tsunoda, the driving force behind the creative direction and experience of Microsoft’s HoloLens; will now expand his charter on the Xbox team.

Phil Spencer will continue to head franchises like Halo, Gears of War, Forza and Minecraft, but now Kudo will lead the “vision and experience” of other studios in Microsoft’s portfolio that range across their North America, European, and other global markets.

With this new development, it seems like we’ll finally start to see this new generation of console gaming finally move beyond the traditional gaming context from last generation.