PC Game Pass titles may be coming to Xbox Cloud Gaming very soon

Robert Collins

Internal emails from the FTC v. Microsoft case have revealed that Microsoft is working on making PC Game Pass games available on its cloud gaming service, as reported by The Verge.

The emails reveal that this move was initially in response to Google Stadia’s perceived advantage in using “generic” Linux VMs + Network technology compared to Microsoft’s Azure service.

Satya Nadella’s email about Google Stadia.

As we now know, Google’s Stadia cloud gaming service was ill-fated, having been shut down early in 2023.

Meanwhile, in its ongoing efforts to acquire Activision Blizzard Microsoft has signed numerous deals to bring Activision games to rival cloud gaming platforms. Microsoft also hinted a while back that it could bring PC Game Pass games to Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Xbox Cloud Gaming

Currently, Xbox Cloud Gaming servers run specialized Xbox Series X-based chips, which limits the catalog to Xbox titles. It’s no surprise that Microsoft seeks to change this by taking advantage of Azure to run PC game natively, as PC Game Pass games are now rolling out for rival Nvidia’s GeForce Now platform. Including first party Xbox games like Deathloop and Grounded.

Featured image via Xbox.com.