Parallels now lets Mac users test Windows 10 inside of OS X

Kareem Anderson

Parallels now lets Windows users test Windows 10 inside of OSX

For the duel-wielding, dual-booting maverick Windows users inside of the Mac OS framework, Parallels has come to the rescue yet again. Today Parallels released an update for their OSX virtualization software allowing Mac users to download and install the Windows Technical Preview. The update, 10.1.4 is a free upgrade for existing Parallels 10 users and lets coders, developers, IT pros and Windows enthusiast test Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 Technical Preview builds.

For users of Parallels 8 or 9, the free update is just out of reach. It will cost $49.99 to upgrade and for new Mac owners who have yet purchased Parallels altogether, you will have to scrounge up $79.99 for a new installation. While the prices might appear steep, over the lifespan of a computer the flexibility of concurrently running several OS (the ability to play games, try new customized software, and test potentially money earning apps across the board) within one sleek package should bring an equally hefty return on investment. Try out a free two-week trial here, to see if the investment would be worth it.