Panasonic upgrades its Toughbook range of notebooks to Windows 8 Pro


Panasonic Toughbook CF-19

Panasonic has announced today that the company has upgraded to Windows 8 Pro for their Toughbook range of notebooks. On top of that, the Toughbooks feature an upgraded camera technology to fully utilize Windows 8’s functionality. As the end of support for Windows XP nears, Panasonic has made the move to Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 8.

“With this latest upgrade, business customers can continue to benefit from the rugged and ergonomic Toughbook platform and its comprehensive range of peripherals, whilst taking advantage of the latest improvements in user functionality and the enterprise benefits of the Windows 8 operating system. With Microsoft extended support for Windows XP ending in April 2014, the latest Windows 8 and 7 versions also offer a smooth migration option for businesses. The latest camera upgrade to the Toughbook devices ensures it functions seamlessly in the Windows 8 environment and is optimized for features such as web conferencing,” Panasonic stated in a press release to us.

Panasonic has been dominant in the European rugged mobile computing market for more than a decade and the company’s products help transform the way mobile workers perform in their workplace. Panasonic’s move to Windows 8 is part of the company’s commitment to provide a stable, long term product line that take advantage of the latest technology.

Panasonic found success with their Toughbook line of notebooks, due to the durable and rugged performance, along with ergonomic design. The Toughbooks feature a superior screen viewing technology and tailored docking and peripheral solutions to meet the varied needs of the most demanding mobile workers.

So which Toughbooks will have Windows 8? According to Panasonic, the market-leading Toughbook CF-19 will have Windows 8, as well as the flagship Toughbook CF-31. The Field and Health Toughbook CF-H2 and the semi-rugged Toughbook CF-53 will also have Windows 8.