Outlook’s new Calendar Board view (formerly Project Moca) begins general roll out, brings together calendars, tasks, and notes

Rabia Noureen

Outlook For Windows

Last year, Microsoft launched the public preview of its new project management tool “Project Moca” in Outlook for the web, allowing users to manage multiple tasks, events, and emails in a consolidated manner. Now, Project Moca is dropping its preview tag and the company has unveiled its plans to move all spaces created in Project Moca to the new calendar board.

Microsoft has announced in a message on the Microsoft 365 Admin center that this change will start rolling out in late July. “Thank you for using the public preview of Project Moca! It was a success, and we will begin migrating content from Project Moca to the new Outlook Calendar board view in July. All boards and content will be migrated and users will not lose any data,” the company explained.


Microsoft noted that users will now be able to view all their existing Moca boards as a calendar board view by clicking the model switcher dropdown in Outlook on the web. Furthermore, the company plans to notify users about these changes via in-product notifications.

As a part of this change, the software giant is also bringing some new capabilities and enhancements to the new Calendar board view. This means that users will be able to lock their views and find their existing To Do task lists as well as calendars. The app will also automatically redirect all existing Project Moca spaces links to the calendar board in Outlook on the web.

This new calendar board view is available on both Outlook.com (for consumers) and Outlook for the web (for commercial users). The feature should help students and professionals to keep their tasks, emails, calendar events, notes, and more in more place. Do you use the new Outlook calendar board? Let us know in the comments down below.