Outlook.com reaches 10 million users, has grown ever so fast

Zac Bowden

The Microsoft SkyDrive team earlier today launched a brand new modern user interface, which was designed to match Outlook.com and Windows 8. Along with this information, Microsoft announced that Outlook.com has surpassed 10 million users within the first few weeks of being online. An amazing achievement indeed.

Has Microsoft finally designed the email service we’ve been waiting for? Gmail is currently pretty popular when it comes to email, and it seems outlook.com is “out” to change that… See what I did there?

Of course, Gmail has a super large user database, and with Google integrating Gmail into every new Google Account, the Gmail service will keep on growing. Outlook.com has it’s chance, as it integrated into Windows 8, and a user is asked to login or create an account at launch.

Amazingly, if you think Outlook.com and it’s 10 million users is big, then wait until you see Gmails, which has over 400 million users. So Outlook.com has a way to come before it over takes Gmail.

If Outlook continues to grow at this speed, it could reach 100 million users sometime next year (or even this year).