Outlook.com gains improved Search and Sweep to keep your inbox manageable


Outlook.com gains improved Search and Sweep to keep your inbox manageable

These days we all receive more emails than can be easily managed, and this is precisely why Outlook.com includes designed specifically to make life easier. One of the most popular features of Microsoft’s web-based email service is Sweep which makes light work of banishing unwanted emails.

Sweep has been updated so that it is now quicker and easier to use. Unwanted emails can be cleared out in fewer clicks, leaving you more time to get on with more important things. Also receiving an update is the all-important search tool.

There have been a number of improvements made here. One of the most important updates means that when you search for a contact you will be displayed messages from all of the email addresses they may have used. Coupled with the ability to use even more criteria than before when conducting an advanced search, it is now easier than ever to perform very specific searches to home in on precisely what you’re looking for.

These updates have been timed to coincide with the seventh National Clean Out Your Inbox Week — yes, there really is such a thing! So if you’ve found that your emails have spiraled out of control, there has never been a better time to try to get things back in order.

If you pay a visit to the Outlook Blog, you find a range of advice about how to get your inbox back in order. Whether you’re an Outlook.com newcomer, or a more seasoned user, there’s bound to be something you could learn!

What are you waiting for? Go and give the updated tools a test drive.