Outlook on the web gets new features to better help you manage your work and personal life

Arif Bacchus

Today’s Microsoft event was heavily focused on the new Microsoft 365 Personal and Family subscriptions, as well as new features for the Office apps, but Microsoft also talked about Outlook, too. The company detailed that Outlook on the web will be getting new features that will better help you manage your work and personal life.

With a new “Outlook Calendars” feature, you’ll be able to link your personal calendar (say from Gmail) to your work calendar, and with a toggle switch, show your real availability in your work account. This will also make it so that you can maintain privacy around your appointments and other business meetings. When enabled, your coworkers will be able to see your personal commitments as blocked time, without the personal details.

Meanwhile, for schools, teachers, and students, they will be able to add in their specific school district calendar. With the feature, these folks will be able to see school news at a quick glance, be it parent-teacher conferences, virtual learning sessions, or other school-related cancellations.

In other Outlook news, Microsoft is also expanding Play my Emails on Android. This will help Cortana provides an intelligent read-out of your emails. Microsoft says this will be rolling out in the coming months.