Outlook 2013 for Windows RT screenshots appear online

Zac Bowden

Outlook for Windows RT

Microsoft recently announced plans to bring the full Outlook 2013 application to Windows RT devices with the Windows 8.1 Preview launching later this year. Today, screenshots of said application have appeared online, which reveal its UI and other interesting things.

Outlook 2013 for Windows RT looks and behaves just like its big brother on Windows 8 and Windows 7. It does exactly what everyone knows and loves about Outlook 2013, the only difference is that this time it’s been compiled for ARM instead of x86 or x64.

What’s interesting is that Paul Thurrott claims that the installer he received included the full Office 2013 suite. Microsoft haven’t announced plans to introduce Office 2013 Pro for Windows RT. It’s possible that Microsoft are planning to introduce it as an add-on later down the line for business users. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Outlook 2013 for Windows RT