More companies follow Microsoft's lead in signing K-12 pledge

Sean Cameron

More companies follow Microsoft's lead in signing K-12 pledge

Protecting pupils online is a concern for parents and educators the world over, however the specifics of how to do so often defeat them. Given that there are so many different players in the structure and the policing of the internet, creating a water-tight solution that meets everyone’s needs is a notoriously difficult proposition.

It is this that the K-12 pledge intends to solve. By holding signatories to data privacy rules, it prevents targeted advertising, the sale of student data and makes it easier for parents to keep up, encouraging a culture of greater clarity. Following backing by President Obama earlier in 2014, the pledge was immediately signed by the likes of Apple and Microsoft. Google and Amazon among others were conspicuous by their absence. The pledge, a project of the Future of Privacy Forum (FPF) and the Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA), following this initial spurt, seemed to have lost all traction.


Now it is the case however, for whatever reason, that Google and Amazon, among others, have chosen to sign the pledge, breathing new life into the project. What the future beyond this point will hold is not yet certain, but it can be hoped that this admirable cause will be furthered, bringing positive change for all.

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