Online storage provider Egnyte announces Microsoft Azure partnership At Salesforce’s Dreamforce conference

Laurent Giret

Enterprise file sharing solution provider Egnyte has announced today at Salesforce’s Dreamforce customer conference that it has chosen Microsoft’s Azure as its primary cloud partner (via TechCrunch). With this new alliance, the company’s cloud offerings will be featured in Microsoft’s Azure marketplace even though the company will continue to work with other existing partners such as Amazon Web Services.

Egnyte currently uses an hybrid open architecture which provides customers end-to-end solutions that can integrate with several Microsoft solutions such as Azure AD, Office 365, Sharepoint Online and more. Egnyte CEO Vineet Jain shared in a press release:

At Egnyte our strategy has always been around openness. We want to empower businesses to build their digital workplace with an ecosystem of best-in-class applications that fit the needs of each employee to get work done efficiently. Microsoft has been a leader in the enterprise for many years, providing the strongest suite of services for business on the market. By developing a complete end-to-end collaboration with Microsoft we are able to offer businesses of all sizes an opportunity to build their digital workplace with the best solutions on the market today.

The CEO also explained to Techcrunch that he remained focused on growing his company independently. “While it appears there is a tighter alignment that could lead to something else, you don’t have to read between the lines. From my perspective, it’s about the tight alignment in go-to market,” he added.