OneNote’s Math Assistant helps students improve their scores

Kevin Okemwa

Many people struggle to grasp concepts in Math, which in turn affects their overall performance. While extra tuition might help mitigate this issue, there are times when it is just not enough. Luckily, with Microsoft OneNote’s Math Assistant feature, students will now be able to establish “math confidence and gain important math skills through inclusive, individualized features”.

OneNote features a ton of features that can be put to good use by students, which will in turn enhance their learning experience. These include the dictate feature which is supported in more than 50 languages and the Pen Focused View feature which will allow them to work without distractions.

And now, with the Math Assistant in OneNote, there are a couple of functionalities that the feature comes with which will help students get better in Math. First up is the ability to capture notes with Ink to Math. Ink to Math lets students draw equations on their devices and then convert them into a mathematical format. What’s more, the feature allows students to select the characters they intend to write, therefore, regardless of whether their handwriting is up to par or not, they will be able to express themselves correctly.

Next up is the Instant practice with Generate Quiz capability which helps students better prepare for examinations as it allows them to keep up with resources and example problems from home. What’s more, students can incorporate the use of both the Ink to Math feature to create a sample problem and then use the Math Solver for a step-by-step explanation of the Math problem. Once the students feel confident enough after repeating the cycle above numerous times, they can now Generate a math quiz to test their proficiency and grasp of certain concepts.


Math Assistant also comes with a graphing feature, which helps students recall the steps they need to follow for them to solve an equation and how to graph their solution. The feature helps students to solve the equation and to graph it either in 2D or both sides in 2D.

And finally, the enhanced support for Immersive Reader for Math, which is a built-in feature of the Math Assistant. It allows students to access math content through equations read aloud. What’s more, the student can select the language they want to use through the feature, thus breaking the language barrier as they can now consume the content in the language they understand.

Have used any of these features to improve your Math? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.