Microsoft’s website begins rolling out new design

Ron website update begins rolling out with new design

It’s been a busy week for Microsoft, as we’ve seen the announcement of a name change for SkyDrive, a rumored name change for Office Web Apps and even indications that the software giant is close to naming its next CEO.

It seems that some of the changes are now in motion, as the folks over at LiveSide have spotted a design change to the site.  The new design brings a cleaner look to the service, now presenting a simple list of you notebooks stored on SkyDrive…ah, OneDrive.

Speculation is that this is what users will begin seeing when they click on OneNote in the SkyDrive drop-down menu, though that part of the implementation has not yet occurred.

The roll out of the new design is apparently one of those gradual ones that Microsoft and Google seem so fond of. As of this writing, I am still getting the old version of the site. However, all of these changes are expected to happen in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled and let us know if spot something new.