One gamer bought all 884 original Xbox games

Vu Anh Nguyen

Fortified on Xbox One

Despite being one of the two leaders in gaming consoles currently, Microsoft had a pretty late start to the market compared to its other competitors, with the Xbox One being only the third generation of the Xbox. Unlike the Xbox 360 however, which enjoyed huge popularity in its time, the original Xbox was not very successful, dwarfed by the mighty shadow of the Sony PS2. Which makes it all the more strange and interesting that one gamer was in possession of a complete collection of all original Xbox games, which he sold to Pink Gorilla Games, and is then featured in a new video from famed YouTube gaming channel MetalJesusRocks.

The collection reportedly features the whole set of 884 original Xbox games, something that apparently has never happened before, even for rarer consoles like Nintendo’s first attempt at 3D, the Virtual Boy. Since it is the complete collection, there  are some pretty cool rare gems among an endless list of NBA games, including a sealed copy of Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis, the Halo triple set, and two Steel Battalion games.

Gaming systems come and go, and among them there are consoles that defines a generation of gamers. The Xbox was one of them, and it is gamers like this that helps to preserve a special part of the gaming subculture.