Omnicom Group to introduce a cutting-edge AI solution infused with Microsoft tech

Priya Walia

Artificial Intelligence - AI

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Omnicom Group plans to launch its first Generative AI tool, Omni Assist, in partnership with Microsoft as a first-mover. This partnership has enabled Omnicom to become the first agency holding company to have access to the latest enterprise-level Open AI ChatGPT models, Wall Street Journal reported.

Omni Assist, a digital assistant, could provide valuable assistance to ad agency professionals throughout the advertising process, including gathering audience insights and creating media strategies. The virtual assistant, Omni Assist, offers valuable insights, notifications, and recommendations throughout the entire process of the Omni open operating system, from audience development to planning, activation, measurement, and optimization.

According to John Wren, Chief Executive Officer of Omnicom Group, the impact of AI on digital marketing transformation is expected to be comparable to what was achieved in 15 years but within a shorter period of 36 to 60 months.

Omnicom has positioned its recent move as a means of achieving intelligent outcomes in a shorter period while simultaneously enabling employees to engage in sophisticated data analysis. As per Nelson, this approach has allowed the company to introduce data science to individuals who don’t possess technical expertise, thereby bringing it to the masses. In anticipation of questions surrounding generative AI, Omnicom has established a steering committee to oversee the process.

Omni has leveraged AI technology and associated methodologies, like facial recognition, computer vision, and language modeling, to form the basis of its operational competence ever since its inception in 2018.

Last week, Alphabet issued a warning to its employees regarding the usage of AI chatbots, including its in-house program, Bard, which is concurrently being promoted across the globe. The tech giant has reminded its staff of the established protocol for protecting confidential information and advised its staff not to input sensitive data into AI chatbots.