Official Wunderlist app receives Windows 10 look and feel

Mark Coppock

Wunderlist is an excellent cross-platform task-management app that offers most of the functions any organized person requires, rock-solid synchronization, and strong collaboration tools, probably why Microsoft acquired it earlier this year. The version available on the Windows Store was Windows 8.X-specific, at least as far as the user interface was concerned, and so Wunderlist offered a beta version that updated the UI to fit in better with Windows 10.

Wunderlist now adopts a Windows 10 look and feel.
Wunderlist now adopts a Windows 10 look and feel.

In checking out the Windows Store, we’ve discovered that the official version now looks a good deal more like the beta. Here’s what’s new with the update:

  • Welcome to a brand new design for Wunderlist. What does that mean for you? Well, on Wunderlist for Windows 10 your to-dos are easier to read and our backgrounds are now crystal clear, so you can fully appreciate the cute puppy background. We’ve also improved accessibility with better keyboard support and high contrast themes.
  • Cortana adds your to-dos to your Wunderlist for you! You know that moment when you’re working away on a tight deadline and suddenly you realize you forgot to send your Mom a birthday card? Now, no matter what app you’re in or if you’re on your PC, you can just say “Hey Cortana, add ‘send Mom some flowers tomorrow’ to my Wunderlist.” We can’t promise to send them to her (yet!) but you’ll now find a to-do waiting for you in your Inbox and our Smart Due Dates will automatically add a Due Date and Reminder for you. Now you can get back to hitting that deadline.
  • Wunderlist adapts to the way you work. Whether you like to keep everything in separate Windows on your desktop, immerse yourself in full-screen mode, snap Wunderlist to the side while you multitask, or stay productive on the go using tablet mode.
  • Wunderlist for Windows 10 does it all. – Keep an eye on your most most-important lists by pinning them to Start. Simply right-click or long-tap a list within and then select “Pin to Start”.

Nevertheless, if you’re a Wunderlist user and want to enjoy the app in all of its Windows 10 version, you no longer have to hang out on the bleeding edge. Just download the official app and leave Windows 8.1 task management behind.