Official Machinima app finds its way to the Windows Store


Official Machinima app finds its way in Windows Store

There’s a great new app that has just arrived in the Windows Store, and it’s Machinima. Yes, you read that correctly, Machinima, the biggest gaming and media streaming website. The service covers all gaming related news, from guides to game-plays, reviews and much more!

While Machinima Inc., the developer behind this app, already has apps on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone (even though it hasn’t been updated in a long time), it’s nice to finally get an official app for Windows 8.

“Machinima is your home for gameplay videos, guides and walkthroughs, original series, animation, gaming news, trailers, and much more,” the app description says.

This can be installed on desktops and laptops, and has the ability to play HD videos in full-screen mode or snap-mode, allowing users to multitask while watching the video. What’s nice too, is that Machinima account holders can login and favorite videos and access them on other devices, since it’s all synced within the account. Viewers also have the ability to pin their favorite show and gameplay videos to their start screen, saving them the trouble of going through several menus in the app.

While the app has just been released, it already has 5 ratings, with all of them garnering 5 stars. Machinima is free for download, and the link has been provided below for your satisfaction. Enjoy!