Office 365 has double the market share in Europe of Google’s G Suite

Kit McDonald

Data protection company Bitglass released their Cloud Adoption Report a few weeks ago revealing some interesting growth in regards to European company data reliance. Compared to other cloud suites, the two most used were Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite at a whopping 66% with Microsoft lording over them all. In fact, Office 365 was nearly double the G Suite’s 22% adoption (via TechRadar).

The growth towards 66% is a significant increase of cloud adoption shared between Microsoft and Google reported at 59% last year. The 44% adoption rate for Office 365 is a testament to the advancement of cloud computing in enterprises. Bitglass’ EMEA cloud report notes that the highest rates have been located in France with 82% and the Netherlands with 78%.

Even if tech companies in Europe have an 83% cloud adoption rate, Microsoft might not have EU enterprise in its pocket just yet. TechRadar speculates that the European bias towards Slack where it’s been more successful might cause some issues for the Microsoft Teams launch in the near future.

The full report can be read from Bitglass.