Office 365 has 10 top tools to help you stick to your New Year’s resolutions


Office 365 has 10 top tools to help you stick to your New Year's resolutions

We’re into the first week of 2014. If today feels like a bit of a downer, it could be because it’s the first Monday of the year! It could also be because you’re already finding it difficult to keep to those New Year’s resolutions you decided to make. But never fear; office 365 is on hand with a series of tools to help you stick to your goals and stay on target over the coming months.

In a post on the Office blog, Jevon Fark from the Office team reveals just how helpful Office 365 can be, no matter what goal you have set yourself. Whether you have decided to shed a few pounds and get into better shape, or you want to get yourself a new job and travel more, it’s all easily managable.

Jevon’s post explains how Excel, OneNote, Word and online tools can be used to help you. You’ll find links to helpful templates — great if you need to give your resume a facelift, or can’t face putting together a budgeting spreadsheet — all of which can be downloaded and used completely free of charge. Work your way through the Office 365 top ten tools, and you’ll find it hard not to stick to your resolutions.

Have you made use of Office to help with your goals for 2014, or are there any other app you turn to? Maybe you find that your Windows Phone is used more than your computer because you have it on you at all times. Share your thoughts and experiences!