Nokia’s 6 inch Windows RT device rumored to be quad core with a 20MP camera



We’ve heard rumors recently about a giant 1080p 6-inch Windows Phone codenamed ‘Bandit’ which Nokia is rumored to be currently working on. Now, a new report claims that this will infact be a Windows RT 6-inch tablet or “phablet” as the cool kids call it, and will feature a 20MP camera and a quad core processor.

“We have it on good authority that Nokia is planning an event for the end of next month. It’s expected to take place in New York City over two days, September 26th and the 27th. What’s happening? We’ve seen leaks for a Nokia branded tablet running Windows RT, but we’ve also heard rumors of larger smartphones on the horizon,” the report states.

According to the rumor, the device will be a 6-inch, 1080p, quad core powered “phablet” running Windows RT. The device will also feature a 20MP camera with a slight camera hump equal to the Nokia Lumia 925. This begs the question, will this device be a Windows RT device or a Windows Phone 8 device? Is it a tablet or a large smartphone? Or will there be two different devices? Regardless, expect to see this device(s) launch in November of this year.

Currently known as GDR3, this upcoming update to the Windows Phone 8 platform is expected to introduce a number of additional features including support for 1080p handsets. The update will also add another tile row, allowing for more tiles on the screen at one time.

The Nokia event is scheduled on September 26th and the 27th in New York and the company is expected to reveal this mystery device then. Stay tuned!