Nokia Trailers app to be closed by Microsoft, Xbox Video being pushed as an alternative

Sean Cameron

Nokia Trailers Windows Phone

Since the acquisition of Nokia’s Devices and Services division by Microsoft earlier in the year, the various ‘Nokia’ branded services present across Lumia devices have slowly either been killed off or folded into the new ‘Lumia’ branch of services and apps.

An official message on the Nokia Trailers website has indicated that it is the latest such example of this process, although it is unfortunately an example of the former category rather than the latter. The app provided a hub for users to access various movie trailers and teasers, with the ability to download clips and share them with friends. Though the app had not seen an update for a significant period of time, it nonetheless remained popular with a loyal core, and as such its loss is unfortunate. The service is due to terminate after December 31st.

Nokia Trailers

“Dear friends, Nokia Trailers will close services on 31st of December 2014. You can try Xbox Video app which brings the latest movies and TV shows to your Windows Phone 8.1 and makes it easy to watch what you love wherever you are,” the official Nokia Trailers website states.

Whether Microsoft will develop an alternate service for users affected is yet to be seen, however it does not seem as though it is highly prioritized by Redmond. Either way, Microsoft is pushing Xbox Video as an alternative to the app.

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