Nokia Stores rebranded as Microsoft Stores begin to open in Malaysia

Joseph Finney

Nokia stores rebranded as Microsoft Stores begin to open in Malaysia

When Microsoft bought Nokia’s hardware division they picked up a number of Nokia branded brick and mortar stores. Now that Microsoft has begun rebranding Nokia Lumia’s with the Microsoft logo, the same is happening to these retail stores. The stores were closed for rebranding and are now being reopened as Microsoft Authorized Reseller stores. Some readers may be surprised to hear of Nokia specific stores because the stores were not in the US and were mainly in countries where the Nokia brand was big such as Brazil and Malaysia.

In order to compete well with other big names in tech like Google, Amazon, and Apple, Microsoft needs to have a presence in the retail space. These stores give Microsoft a direct line to customers across the world and in places where there were previously no Microsoft stores. Windows Phones and some Windows devices have gotten a bad name in wireless carrier stores or electronics retailers. These physical stores enable Microsoft to show consumers what their products can do and how they can be used to their maximum potential. With Windows 10 coming soon, it will also be important for potential customers to be reassured they won’t be left in the dark with updates or new features.