Nokia to set up mobile security unit, hopes to boost mobile broadband revenue


Nokia to set up mobile security unit, hopes to boost mobile broadband revenue

Finnish mobile manufacturer Nokia is launching a security unit that will act as its central office for mobile broadband products, partnerships, security processes and a guide for developing products.

Nokia, which sold its devices business to Microsoft, is now more concentrated on its network revenue.  On June 1st, the company will set up a “security unit” which will aim to enhance the portfolio of the company’s security products.

The company hints that the security unit will help it introduce better security in future devices. Nokia also hopes that this move will help it develop business models around telecom security.

Furthermore, this will also help the handset maker expand its security partner ecosystem, which will enable it to create additional value for operators. The company also aims that the security will become a positive differentiator for it.

“The new Security unit will bring together security experts and talent from across the company – customer operations, global services and technology and innovation teams, for example —with the aim of tackling the full set of requirements for robust telco security,” Marc Rouanne, EVP of mobile broadband at Nokia, said in a statement.

“We will continue to encourage industry dialogue and knowledge sharing in terms of security research to improve awareness of this crucially important area of telco business, including with open source software. This will become critically important as mobile broadband networks are starting to evolve towards the cloud,” he added.

Nokia will continue its collaborative work with security partners that include Juniper, OpenSSL project, F-Secure, and Check Point, among others, and hopes to strengthen its relationship with them as well.

As ZDnet notes, Nokia has had a history with security applications — which it sold to Check Point in 2008. Also, recently it launched Mobile Guard for operators that help them analyze mobile network traffic to detect devices with suspected malware.