No new builds this week but plenty of new quests as Windows Insider team is on vacation

Arif Bacchus

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Last week saw the release of a huge Windows Insider build, but things have been quiet at Microsoft since then. The reason why? According to head Ninja Cat Dona Sarkar, there won’t be any new builds this week (and early next week) due to the fact that the Windows Insider team is on (a much needed!) vacation.

Sarkar also mentioned that Microsoft’s build labs are also closed, so you won’t expect any new builds until after January 3rd. It’s not a problem, really, as there were many issues with builds in the lead up to last week’s release, and the Windows Insider team rightfully needs to enjoy their time off following the stressful times.

In the meantime, you can feel free to check out some new Quests in the Feedback Hub. As expected, these quests go over some of the new things in build 17063.

You can also around with the many less major features in Windows 10 build 17063. Along with Sets and Windows Timeline, there are also new features for Developers and IT Pros, Windows Defender, WSSL.

Our own Cody Carson recapped all the new features in the latest build, so feel free to watch his video above if you’ve not already had time to play with the latest features. As always, also feel free to drop us a comment below with your thoughts on this latest build!