No Man’s Sky Beyond launches as a free update next week, check out the trailer here

Jonny Caldwell

The No Man’s Sky Beyond update is less than a week away, and the launch trailer for the game has already been released for those to see (via Eurogamer). Beyond is the 7th free update to the popular title, and the third update since No Man’s Sky Next that coincided with the game’s release on Xbox One.

No Man’s Sky Beyond will include many new features, with one of the major ones expanding upon the online multiplayer that comes with the game. Additionally, Windows and PS4 users will soon be able to take advantage of a VR experience on compatible headsets.

Details about the game continue to be scarce aside from what we’ve seen in the trailer. Luckily its August 14th release is right around the corner, so it won’t be long before we get all of the details.

If you don’t yet have the game, it’s on sale for just $34.99, or 30% off, on the Microsoft Store right now. Xbox One X owners will also be able to take advantage of 4K Ultra HD and HDR 10 support on supported TVs.

No Man's Sky
No Man's Sky
Developer: Hello Games
Price: Free

What do you think from what you’ve seen in the trailer? Are you excited for the Beyond update? Let us know in the comment area below.