Long rumored Nintendo Switch Pro could come in September, says new report

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft and Sony already have their next-generation consoles out in the wild, but soon, Nintendo might enter into the fray. According to a report from Bloomberg, Nintendo could be releasing an upgraded Nintendo Switch model as soon as this September, selling it alongside the Nintendo Switch Lite.

The details in the report are naturally scarce, but it is believed that the assembly of a new Switch model could start as soon as July of this year. The final cost of the console for gamers could also be higher than the current $300 Switch, or the $200 Nintendo Switch Lite.

A possible announcement could even come ahead of E3, slated for June 12-15th, then a launch in September. This is to allow developers time to showcase their games at the event, according to Bloomberg.

Previous rumors have indicated that Nintendo’s Switch Pro model could come with slightly bigger OLED screens, as well as support for 4K outputs. The Pro could also replace the current Nintendo Switch, which is now over four years old.

Sony and Microsoft both are facing issues in the supply of their next-generation consoles due to strains in the chip industry. Nintendo could have the same problems, but Bloomberg indicated production is planned to ramp up to a peak in October and December on this new model accordingly. Eurogamer, though, reports that the shortages might not be an issue for the Switch, as it uses different components.

Even so, Nintendo Switch consoles have been in high demand, especially in 2020 the peak of the pandemic after the launch of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Nintendo last mentioned in March that over 85 million Nintendo Switch units have been sold, and that number can even be bigger now, halfway through the year.