Nintendo Switch has now sold 111 million units, will likely become one of the best-selling consoles of all time

Robert Collins

The Nintendo Switch keeps right on riding a wave of success that started when the hybrid console launched back in March of 2017. How much success? Answer: over 111 million units worth as of August 2022.

That puts it currently in fifth place in the list of all-time best-selling game systems, behind Sony’s PlayStation 4 which sold 117 million units. The Game Boy sold over 118 million units including the Game Boy Color variant. The Nintendo DS and PlayStation 2 have sold 154 million and 155 million units respectively.

The Switch will have a bit of an uphill climb if it is to eventually take over the top spot. And with Switch sales down 23% compared to a year ago (though still relatively strong), it seems more unlikely that that will happen.