Nintendo shuts down Xbox Cloud Gaming on Switch rumors

Laurent Giret

Xbox cloud gaming on Nintendo Switch consoles.

The Nintendo Switch looks to be the perfect handheld console for playing Xbox games on the go via Microsoft’s new Xbox Cloud Gaming technology. Microsoft has already brought cloud-enabled Xbox games to Android devices, Windows PCs and tablets, and iOS devices, but unfortunately for Nintendo Switch owners, the limited beta of Xbox Cloud Gaming on the web currently doesn’t work on the Switch’s web browser.

Despite Xbox head Phil Spencer teasing Xbox fans earlier this year by displaying a Nintendo Switch on a shelf right behind him during a stream, Nintendo is apparently not interested in allowing Xbox Cloud Gaming on the Switch. David Gibson, a veteran video games industry analyst said on Twitter yesterday that Nintendo had confirmed to him that they would not allow other streaming services on their portable console.

Gibson’s tweet was posted in a reaction to a thread from NPD analyst Mat Piscatella, who had previously explained that “Nintendo would get a massive content gain and sell millions of incremental Switch” by allowing Xbox Cloud Gaming on its handheld consoles. The Switch has been a top-selling console since its 2017 launch, and there’s no doubt that the availability of Xbox Cloud Gaming could make it even more attractive for mobile gamers.

For now, the dream of playing Xbox games on the Nintendo Switch will remain just a dream, but things may eventually change once Xbox Game Pass becomes a true juggernaut. Microsoft is on a journey to bring Xbox games to the 3 billion players around the world, and Android, Windows, and iOS devices are probably just the start.