Next Up Hero is the latest Xbox One game to support Nintendo Switch crossplay

Brad Stephenson

Next Up Hero video game on Xbox One

Next Up Hero launched on Microsoft’s family of Xbox One consoles this week and it’s the latest game to support crossplay with Nintendo’s rival console, the Nintendo Switch.

The game also support crossplay with PC players though, as usual, PlayStation 4 consoles aren’t part of the party due to Sony’s strict stance on crossplay with other video game consoles. Other recent Xbox One games that have allowed crossplay with the Nintendo Switch are Minecraft and Fortnite.

Next Up Hero is a game that allows players to create their own unique dungeon for other players to fight their way through. If they beat your dungeon, they get a reward but if they don’t, you get it. Here’s the full game description and trailer. Buy it here.

Fight. Die. Win! (And probably die some more.) Next Up Hero is a dungeon crawler featuring hand-drawn heroes that hack, slash, bongo-drum, boomerang, and jet their way through Ventures. Choose your Hero and start rolling dungeons, gearing out, and maxing your stats. If you’re feeling especially heroic, invite a friend for co-op. You’re going to need all the help you can get.

  • Dungeon Maker Mode: Craft a savage dungeon and challenge the community to beat it. If they beat the dungeon, they get to keep a rare piece of loot. If they fail, the treasure is yours.
  • Perma-Permadeath: Death is so permanent in Next Up Hero that your “echo” remains for the next player to raise. People die a lot in Next Up Hero, so you can resurrect up to 20 AI followers!
  • Mixer Interactive Enabled: It’s Hero vs. Dirge powered by Mixer Interactive. Spectators can control the echo army, helping the hero survive the floor, or buff the Dirge enemies, slowing and freezing the player.

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Next Up Hero
Next Up Hero
Developer: Aspyr
Price: $19.99